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Lip Sync Battle: Can Hoda Kotb’s ‘Baby Got Back’ Beat Michael Strahan’s ‘Poison’?

Well, things certainly got a lot less famous on Lip Sync Battle. The sixth week pits daytime-show hosts Hoda Kotb (yes, you’ll finally learn how to say that) of the Today show and Michael Strahan from Live! With Kelly and Michael against each other. It’s certainly okay to be less famous on the show (John Krasinski can only call in so many favors), but that shouldn’t keep a performer from slaying a song. Let’s see if they do!

Battle 1: Hoda Kotb’s “Baby Got Back” vs. Michael Strahan’s “London Bridge”

The thing about Hoda Kotb and Michael Strahan is that they have that quality so vital to many a contestant on The Voice: likability. No doubt this is why America is willing to listen to them talk first thing in the morning. So for the purposes of a lip-sync battle, this means they’re totally serviceable. Sure, we all knew someone would eventually perform Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and Kotb is clearly having fun, and that’s what counts here. So is Michael Strahan! He has a tendency to block his mouth with the mic, and he’s doing that thing where he spends a little too much time with an audience member, but God bless him, he’s not Mike Tyson, so you’re never worried for that woman’s ear. So, like the latter rounds of The Voice, we’re going to go with who was a little more likable. 

Winner: Hoda Kotb, by a white-wine spritzer.

Battle 2: Hoda Kotb’s “Uptown Funk” vs. Michael Strahan’s “Poison”

Just imagine you’re in Hoda Kotb’s living room, and she’s revved up the karaoke machine, and now, four songs deep, you’re just nodding and smiling and taking deep sips of Pinot Grigio. That is what this performance of “Uptown Funk” feels like. Just do a polite clap and try not to spill your drink. Otherwise something’s fishy here, because Spike TV hasn’t uploaded a full version of Michael Strahan’s performance of Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘90s hit “Poison” — leaving the people with just the 30-second promo. We’re legitimately irked by this, because we want to see Bell Biv DeVoe! Where is that, Spike? That synchronized finger-point is pretty compelling.

Winner: Michael Strahan, by a pelvic thrust.

Overall, it’s hard to call because they’re both so average yet so likable. We’re going with Michael Strahan because “Poison” is our jam and we dig that jacket.

Can Hoda Kotb Beat Michael Strahan on Lip Sync?