‘I’m Special’: Jim Parsons Adapting ‘Thought Catalog’ Writer’s Book as a Pilot

Jim Parsons, of Big Bang Theory fame, and his gay lover, Todd Spiewak, have optioned a book to make a half-hour comedy series, according to Deadline. Here’s what’s notable about this:

• The book is a memoir by Ryan O’Connell, who was the first writer at Thought Catalog and has penned millions of blog posts explaining what it’s like to be a millennial. He literally might be the “voice of his generation” if he’s not in the same generation as Tavi.

I used to justify this by saying it was too personal of a thing to share with trolls on the Internet… But the real reason why I hid it was because, well, I medium-hated myself and wasn’t ready to deal with it.

• The book’s about, among other things, being gay and having cerebral palsy – something O’Connell had never even written about before, even as he mined almost any other topic:

• The memoir – I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves – isn’t even published yet. It’ll be out in June.

Parsons has himself done some memoir work in the form of an episode of the TLC show Who Do You Think You Are? On that show he discovered he is a little bit French.

‘I’m Special’: Jim Parsons Adapting ‘Thought Catalog’ […]