Jack White Tries to Convince Himself That Tidal Isn’t So Bad

Whatever you say. Photo: 2015 Kevin Mazur

Everyone has their two cents about Tidal, but when you’re one of its owners, you’ve got more like 50. Today Jack White took to his label Third Man Records’ site to defend Jay Z’s controversial new music-streaming site and answer a few fan questions. Or at least that’s where he says the questions came from, but really, it reads much more like Jack White is talking to himself:

TIDAL is a bit elitist to be talking about the little guy in the music industry no?
Jack: What is elitist about it? Who’s speaking for the little guy?

Jack, it’s because everyone has gotten used to free and cheap.
Jack: Should movies be free too? How about food?

Well, yeah, ending world hunger by reducing the cost and waste of food would be kinda nice, now that you mention it. Otherwise, White doesn’t offer anything too new, besides his plan to digitize a bunch of obscure old records and the great little tidbit that all of Tidal’s 700 owners “spent all last night talking and discussing ways to make [Tidal] very cool.” Just imagine that Skype session.

Jack White Answers Questions About Tidal