Jessica Craig-Martin’s Art-World Diary, Part 2: The Creative Time Gala Takes Over a Cathedral

Art nails are a hot trend. Photo: Jessica Craig-Martin

Walking up to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine last night on the way to another typically bombastic Creative Time gala, a question arose: How would attendees react to doing all the normal schmoozing and boozing with the stations of the cross looming over them and foreboding organ music filling the air? Well, let’s just say the combination of caipirinhas and socialites and flying buttresses was downright ethereal.

“It was a match made in heaven — no pun intended,” Creative Time president and creative director Anne Pasternak said. “It’s an extraordinary building, the stained-glass windows are amazing, and they do art installations all the time.”

As part of her ongoing photo diary for SEEN, Jessica Craig-Martin was there to capture all the revelers celebrating in the holy edifice, and once again, she penned the witty captions.

Jessica Craig-Martin’s Diary: Creative Time Gala