Justin Bieber Covers ‘I’ll Make Love to You,’ Humps the Floor, Makes You Wish You Were the Floor

Justin Bieber may be that bratty 21-year-old you love to hate, but, as his carpool karaoke with James Corden demonstrated, he can be quite the charmer if you look past his antics. He’s also such a Boyz II Men stan. Back in 2011, he somehow convinced the R&B OGs to appear on his holiday album, featured on the song “Fa La La” (they even performed it on Dancing With the Stars). It didn’t entirely work, but that was just a taste of the Biebs’ love affair with Boyz II Men. With Corden, he sang “End of the Road,” and over the weekend, he did an impromptu jazz cover of “I’ll Make Love to You” at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Full band and everything! There’s also some obligatory floor-humping, in case you weren’t already swooning (or cringing, depending on your Biebs tolerance). Bring on the Boyz II Men album.

Justin Bieber Covered ‘I’ll Make Love to You’