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Kenan Thompson Is Definitely Coming Back to Saturday Night Live

Kenan Thompson is telling you he’s not going. Photo: NBC/Getty Images

It has now become a staple of late summer/early autumn that someone will report, with seemingly little info, that someone is going to leave Saturday Night Live after the next season. Last year, TMZ erroneously reported that Kenan Thompson would be hanging up his Al Sharpton suit at the end of the season. While an SNL spokesperson immediately debunked the rumor, it still hung around the air like a bad fart. Thompson cleared things up on “WTF With Marc Maron” Monday and assured everyone that he would be staying on for another season. Thompson is currently the longest-running cast member at 12 years, which would make the next season lucky 13. SNL has confirmed the news: Kenan Thompson is definitely, 100 percent going to return for another season.

Kenan Thompson Is Definitely Staying at SNL