Lana Del Rey Finally Transformed Into Jessica Rabbit

Lana Del Rey is kind of a living, breathing Jessica Rabbit, if you think about it. She’s got the whole smoldering-femme-fatale pout down pat, and she’s worn a similar vampy red gown before. Now she’s even going around covering Jessica’s songs. At the opening night of her summer tour with Courtney Love, Lana performed Peggy Lee’s “Why Don’t You Do Right?” the same song Jessica Rabbit sang in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? We didn’t know it 27 years ago, but that song may as well have been sung by Lana herself because their voices (Amy Irving did Jessica’s singing) are practically indistinguishable. Just listen to both Lana’s live version of the song and Jessica Rabbit’s below, and try to hear the difference.

Lana Del Rey Finally Becomes Jessica Rabbit