have a seat

The Ultimate Completely Unhelpful ‘Next Week on Mad Men’ Preview

Mad Men promos! You love ‘em, and so do we! Were they ever helpful? Nope! For eight years, Matt Weiner and his team made an art form out of the completely useless “next week on …” post-episode preview. It’s been an endless parade of characters saying “Who?” or “I can do this!” or “Have a seat,” but presenting exactly zero plot information. With the show’s run over, it’s time for us to pay homage and say good-bye to Mad Men’s perpetual “screw you” to TV mores. Here is a 10-minute-long supercut incorporating virtually every single “on the next episode” montage. It is, like the show from which it sprung, hypnotic. And also tells you nothing about Mad Men. Or does it tell you everything? Close the door. Have a seat.

Watch This Supercut of Unhelpful Mad Men Promos