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Mad Men Reimagined As Mad Men: The Musical!

Mere days remain until Mad Men reaches its conclusion. But as you prepare to weep into your Scotch and get snot all over your bespoke mid-century handkerchief, just close your eyes and let the record player of your mind scratch out one of the show’s most wonderful qualities: its musical numbers. Yes, almost from day one, Matthew Weiner has chocked his beloved series full of moments in which characters burst into song. Sure, it’s usually for some in-show reason, but taken as a whole, the thing feels like a damn musical sometimes. So … we decided to turn it into a musical. In honor of Mad Men’s finale, we present our latest video remix from artist Louis Plamondon, a.k.a. Sleepy Skunk, in which we entice you to come see the Broadway smash Mad Men: The Musical! Buy your ludicrously overpriced tickets now.