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If Mark Ruffalo Hulks Out, Please Calm Him With Lovemaking

Mark Ruffalo. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2015 Getty Images

The plus side of having the Hulk on your team is that he’s a total rage-monster. The problem with having the Hulk on your team … is that he’s a total rage-monster. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Widow manages to soothe Bruce Banner’s savage beast by giving him what she calls a lullaby, though really, what she’s doing is stroking and soothing him in a suggestive manner to calm him down. And at this week’s New York premiere of Age of Ultron hosted by the Cinema Society and Audi, two of the film’s stars also suggested they’d need tactile treatment if either of them started letting out their inner Hulk.

“I’d just need a cuddle, I think,” offered Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays the lightning-fast Quicksilver in the film. “That would stop me, that would calm me down.”

What of the man who plays the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo? What might settle him when he’s angry? “I can’t be too crass here,” Ruffalo laughed to Vulture, before admitting, “All right … lovemaking. My wife does it out of just kindness, when I’m upset.” And if she’s not around? “A lullaby. ‘Frère Jacques.’ That’s sweet, right?” he said. “I have the crass and the sweet. I have the whore and the virgin, the virgin and the whore.”

If Mark Ruffalo Hulks Out, Calm Him With Sex