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Maya Rudolph Busted Out Her Beyoncé Impression in a Commencement Speech You’ll Wish Had Been Yours

Graduation season is in full swing, which means every celebrity on Earth is getting bribed with an honorary degree in exchange for speaking at various commencement ceremonies around the country. Kanye gave one last week and, on Saturday, at Tulane University, it was Maya Rudolph’s turn. In typical Maya form, things got animated real quick with her parodying Oprah and busting out her infamous Beyoncé impression … in the middle of an extremely over-the-top version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” mashed with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Savor it now, Tulane grads. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in the real world. (Unless, of course, you work at NBC.)

Maya Rudolph Did Beyoncé in Commencement Speech