Morgan Freeman: OMG, I Love Weed So Much — It’s Delicious and Makes Me Feel Funny and Super-Chill

Chill-ass dude. Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

We finally have an answer to the question that has plagued many for centuries: “Could God roll a blunt so fat that even he or she couldn’t smoke it?” The answer: Nah, God would smoke all of that blunt, and all the other weed lying around his buddy’s house. And by God, we mean Morgan Freeman. Talking to The Daily Beast last week, he was asked about his stance on legalizing marijuana, and he said, “This movement is really a long time coming.” Before espousing all the practical medical benefits of the drug, Freeman told the writer about his history with pot. “My first wife got me into it many years ago,” he explained. “How do I take it? However it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it!” Adding, “Weed? Get in my belly!”

This does help explain one particular answer from his interview with Vulture from last week:

They say God is in all things. So if God is in me, then I am in God. Therefore, I am God. God does not exist without me. Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt have no other God before me.” Think about that. Did you see the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston? When Moses was up on Sinai and he asked, “Who shall I say?” God says, “Tell them I am.” Who are you? I am. I am. Who is God? I am. I am. The Jewish religion doesn’t allow you to acknowledge that out loud because the realization you cannot be going around in human form saying, “Oh yeah, I am God.” So then who are we worshiping? We’re worshiping the greater God, the greater God, all of us together.

Totally, man.

Morgan Freeman Loves Weed So Much