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A Naked Fan Broke Into Chris Brown’s House and He Instagrammed Her, Unfortunately

Yikes! Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Chris Brown might be off the hook for an alleged battery case in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean his legal troubles are over. For once the tables have turned, and it’s Brown who could be taking someone to court. In an Instagram post, the singer alleges that a female fan broke into his home while he was out of town. According to TMZ, Brown returned to his California residence Wednesday night to find a naked woman he didn’t know in his bed. She reportedly vandalized his property, spray-painting the words “I Love You” and “Mrs. Brown” on his kitchen counter and cars. Brown also says she threw away his 10-month-old daughter’s clothing and appears to have been in his home for days, having cooked herself “several meals.” But it wouldn’t be Chris Brown without some misstep: Rather than leave the matter to law enforcement (who took her into custody), he posted a picture of the intruder (thankfully, in a bathrobe). Oof.

A Naked Fan Broke Into Chris Brown’s House