Everyone Loves Frida Kahlo, So Why Not Just Become a Frida?

The New York Botanical Garden is currently hosting “Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life,” a lush celebration of the artist and cultural icon that focuses on her relationship to the vegetal world. And because this has to happen with all deft and grand curatorial efforts at our elite institutions these days, there’s a selfie app that goes with it. It turns your selfies into Frida Kahlo paintings, kind of. Or at least it puts a Kahlo-cactus in your selfie. Or gives you a unibrow.

So, naturally, we couldn’t resist running images of some of the more ubiquitous and “important” art world people through the Frida Kahlo Magic Automatic Selfie Machine, and turning them into, um, well, what exactly?

OMG, Frida Kahlo–ified Selfies!