mad men series finale

Original Coca-Cola Ad Man Stopped Watching Mad Men After Season 2

Ommm… Photo: Courtesy of AMC

What does Bill Backer, the guy behind that iconic Coca-Cola ad think of the series finale of Mad Men? “I don’t care. I didn’t see it,” Backer told CNN Money. Backer says he stopped watching the show after the first two seasons, because it was getting to be more of a “soap opera.” “It had become more about the tangled lives of the people and less about the industry they were working in and presenting the ads in ways that was attention-getting, and hopefully uplifting and fun to watch,” he said. Yup, the show is a real bummer. But what about the fact that Don’s spiritual enlightenment ultimately makes him a better capitalist? “I don’t know what to make of it,” he said. “But now that you’re talking about it, I will pick it up and watch.” Next stop: Nirvana.

Original Coke Ad Man Quit Watching Mad Men