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Vacation Red-Band Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Has an Extremely Large Package for the Griswolds

The Vacation series is getting its first new installment since 1997’s Vegas Vacation (though there was a spinoff and a couple short films in between) with July’s Vacation. Rather than rebooting the franchise entirely, it’ll follow the Griswold children, Rusty and Audrey, on a shenanigans-filled adventure back to Walley World. Only now Rusty is all grown up and played by Ed Helms, who’s married to Christina Applegate, and they have two smartass kids who have “never even heard of the original vacation” — how meta. And Audrey’s played by Leslie Mann. Oh, and Walley World’s closing! And you know who has the perfect present to retire it? A very, very well-endowed Chris Hemsworth (he’s Audrey’s husband). Where’s that eggplant emoji when you need it?

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