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Ryan Murphy Finds His Perfect Kris Jenner for American Crime Story: Selma Blair

Basically sisters! Photo: Getty Images

You know the kind of casting that makes you stand up out of your chair, salute the heavens, and exclaim to yourself, “Now, that is casting!”? That’s what this is: Selma Blair has been tapped to play Kris Jenner in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming O.J. Simpson project, American Crime Story. (Did you really think Ryan Murphy wouldn’t include the Kardashians in this?) When we fan-cast the project in January, we were so stumped for a choice to play Kris — who could possibly do justice to the real Kris’s insane brand of Kris-ness? But yes, Selma Blair. Of course it was Selma Blair all along. The perfect choice. She’ll play opposite David Schwimmer’s Robert Kardashian, an as-yet-uncast Nicole Brown Simpson, and a whole bunch of black toilet paper.

Selma Blair to Play Kris Jenner for Ryan Murphy