Stephen Colbert Gave a Predictably Great Commencement Speech at Wake Forest

I just spent many years learning how to do one thing really well. I got so comfortable with that place, that role, those responsibilities that it came to define how I saw myself. But now that part of my life is over. It’s time to say goodbye to the person we’ve become, we’ve worked so hard to perfect, and to make some crucial decisions in becoming who we’re going to be. For me, I’ll have to figure out how to do an hour-long show every night. You at some point will have to sleep. I’m told the Adderall wears off eventually. Good luck.

Stephen Colbert gave the commencement speech at Wake Forest yesterday, talking to the new graduates about what it’s like to go through a major transition:Check out an excerpt from the speech above and read the full coverage of it over at the Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen Colbert Gave a Predictably Great Commencement […]