Thicke’s, Pharrell’s Lawyers Pursue New ‘Blurred Lines’ Trial

Scene from the “Blurred Lines” video.

Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s lawyers are trying to nab a new “Blurred Lines” trial because their initial bout was riddled with problems, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard write. The lawyers claim there were jury instruction errors, improper testimony, and insufficient evidence. Also, interestingly enough, the lawyers add that the jury’s verdict was inconsistent because T.I., featured on the song, was not slammed for copyright infringement. These claims were voiced Friday in a motion that argues the trial should have concentrated on the sheet music (the basis of the suit) for “Lines” and “Got to Give It Up” — not the groove and feel of the songs. Oh, and in a perfect world, Pharrell’s side would like the Gayes’ award of $7.4 million to drop to less than $1 million because even if “Lines” did steal from “Up,” it only did so for about 5 percent of the song.

The Gaye family also had some new requests Friday. Their side filed two motions: one that says such major record companies as Interscope and UMG Recordings should be held responsible for letting the plagiarism to occur, and another that says the family either wants to put a kibosh on the distribution of “Lines” or have Pharrell & Co. shell out 50 percent of the song’s future revenue. A judge will deal with these motions at a June 29 hearing.

Thicke’s Lawyers Chase New ‘Blurred Lines’ Trial