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Tina Fey Sold Off All Her Old Crap (for a Good Cause)

Monday night at LOL with LLS, the second annual comedy night to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, Tina Fey — accompanied by husband Jeff Richmond on the piano, and host Nick Kroll — auctioned off all the stuff in her apartment she “was too lazy to take to Goodwill.” The items ran the gamut from three containers of opened Citrucel, to LL Cool J’s signed workout book, to an actual box of unopened paraphernalia from her last move. Our favorite item, which one lucky Fey fanatic took home for $7,000, was a personalized Liz Lemon doll. “My children took it and they lost all the clothes. So, it’s just a really upsetting doll,” said Fey. “Its face is too realistic. It’s a thin-lipped, middle-aged … just a homely woman. It doesn’t have feet. It only has sensible shoes.”

Watch exclusive video of the event to see the ridiculousness unfold with a bonus FaceTime appearance from Amy Poehler from Cannes.

Tina Fey Sold All Her Crap (for a Good Cause)