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Twin Peaks Is Happening Again (Again), David Lynch Confirms

Photo: Glenn Hunt/Getty

I am 100 percent sure that we’re not completely sure what’s going on, but here’s a brief recap of the recent David Lynch news:

In October, David Lynch said something no one thought he would ever say: Twin Peaks would return on Showtime, with the notoriously tight-lipped auteur at the helm. Soon after, Kyle MacLachlan confirmed he would reprise his iconic role of coffee-loving Special Agent Dale Cooper. A month ago, Lynch said something people kinda thought he might say: He was leaving the Twin Peaks reboot. The cast didn’t want him to go, and Lynch himself didn’t want to go; he cited Showtime’s stinginess as a reason for leaving, because his vision required a certain amount of money to come manifest, a totally legitimate reason. A couple of weeks ago, as if to tide fans over, Lynch’s coffee got a weird, almost erotic commercial about robots and people, and Angelo Badalementi reworked a song from Blue Velvet, with Kid Moxie taking vocals, in a gorgeous, dreamy new version.

Now Lynch has announced that he’s pulling an Arnold Schwarzenegger and coming back to Twin Peaks. The filmmaker/artist/musician/perfect human being posted this on Twitter:

Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a slight feeling it could be a place both wonderful and strange.

Twin Peaks Is Happening Again (Again)