vulture festival 2015

Hear Lois Griffin As Don Draper, Bob’s Burgers Characters Doing Fifty Shades of Grey, and Other Voice-Actor Mismatches

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” or the detention scenes from The Breakfast Club re-created by the voices of animated TV characters, well: (a) That’s an odd coincidence, and (b) we have both, and more. Voice actors Alex Borstein (Family Guy), John Roberts and Larry Murphy (Bob’s Burgers), Heather Lawless (Stone Quackers), and Keith and Kenny Lucas (Lucas Bros. Moving Company) joined the Vulture Festival’s Animated Voices panel on Saturday and read famous film and TV scenes in the style of their beloved characters. Turns out there is a way to make Fifty Shades of Grey sound even less sexy.

It’s Mad Men, If Lois Griffin Played Don Draper