Alessia Cara’s Viral Hit Now Has a Video That Sums Up Every Introvert’s Summer FOGO

All it takes is one song. That’s the line A&Rs usually feed labels when they’re trying to sell them on an underground artist. Most up-and-comers don’t usually live up to the hype, but that hasn’t been the case for Alessia Cara. The 18-year-old Canadian got a major push earlier this month when her debut single, “Here,” blew up on SoundCloud and Spotify. A moody anthem for wallflowers, it tells the story of a party from the perspective of the woman “somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana” who’s fed up with the faff of it. If you’re older, the song might read a bit whiny, begging the obvious question: Why don’t you just leave? But social anxiety doesn’t have a quick fix, and it’s a conflicting feeling Cara hits right on the nose in the song’s new video, which premieres today. Summer brings with it a lot of strange pressure to fill up your Instagram feed with colorful pictures of you out and about. But if leaving your comfort zone doesn’t come quite as naturally as it does for others, Alessia’s new video might help you feel less shame about it.

Watch Alessia Cara’s ‘Here’ Video