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Watch Kung Fury, the Best ’80s Action Movie of 2015

If Sylvester Stallone and George Michael had a love child who was raised by a coke-binging 1980s MTV executive, that child might resemble Kung Fury. Written and directed by David Sandberg, who also stars as the title hero, the 30-minute short is a hodgepodge of Reagan-era action tropes so tightly bunched that it seems to be trying to bludgeon you to death with its Über-’80s aesthetic: Arcade games transmorph into killer robots, VHS tracking lines scroll down the screen, designer stubble and bandanas are ubiquitous, and synths play relentlessly.

After being struck by lightning while being bitten by a cobra, a damn good cop becomes the best cop in the world, using his newfound powers and neon-red Ferrari to thwart evil in denim vests. Now Kung Fury has to go back in time to fight Hitler (also known as the Kung Führer) from taking over the world with his Nazi kung fu prowess. During his journey, Kung Fury meets a voluptuous, Gatling gun-wielding Viking in a bikini, a voluptuous, machine-gun-wielding Viking in a bikini, and a friendly T. rex, on whom he rides with the aforementioned voluptuous Vikings. Supporting characters include Dragon, Triceracop, and David Hasselhoff as Hoff-9000.

The video has more than 6 million views in less than two days. It first landed on the internet’s radar in April, when the David Hasselhoff music video and Kung Fury theme song “True Survivor” premiered. Kung Fury is, without a doubt, the best ‘80s action movie of 2015.

Watch Kung Fury, the Best ’80s Movie of 2015