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Dang, Robert De Niro Looks Real Good in These Shirtless Pics (Zac Efron’s There, Too)

So strong! Photo: Bruja/Thibault/PacificCoastNews

When we found ourselves in the surprising position of being directly behind Robert De Niro in a buffet line a few weeks back, we couldn’t help but take note of his selections: two ever-so-tiny pieces of steak, and three meager fingerling potatoes. The experience left us with two takeaways: One, Robert De Niro is a real meat-and-potatoes guy, and two, Robert De Niro is watching his figure. And now we know why: His upcoming film Dirty Grandpa apparently requires the Oscar-winning actor to doff his shirt and carry around Zac Efron as if he were a baby. (A tan, hunky baby.) The film stars De Niro as a “lascviscious and recently widowed” grandpa; Efron plays the straight-arrow grandson who’s forced to accompany him to spring break, which appears to be where these photos were shot. Isn’t it better, though, to pretend that this is just how the two of them spend their time?

Photo: Bruja/Thibault/PacificCoastNews
Photo: Bruja/Thibault/PacificCoastNews
De Niro and Efron, Together, Shirtless