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Jared Leto Wants to Spend a Weekend With You at the 30 Seconds to Mars Summer Camp

Thirty Seconds To Mars Perform At Cruzan Amphitheatre
We’ll be there! Photo: Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Jared Leto, noted hiker and Coachella pro, has finally taken the next logical step in his outdoorsy lifestyle: His band 30 Seconds to Mars is launching a three-day “rustic nature experience” (see: summer camp) called Camp Mars in August exclusively for fans — or anyone willing to pay up to $2,000. For that top price, you’ll enjoy two nights in either a semi-private cabin, dorm, or a room in a lodge in Malibu, where you can retire after an exhausting day of hiking, yoga, arts and crafts, a concert, and plenty of other camp activities. Two of the band’s members, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević, will even join you for coffee and a cooking lesson. (Sadly, there’s no one-on-one time with Jared scheduled just yet.)

But if $2,000 sounds steep (a three-day GA pass to Coachella is $375), they’ve also got the “Tree Huggin’” package, which, for $799, will still buy you most of the activities — you’ll just have to bring your own tent. There are also day passes priced at $549 and $399. Tickets go on sale Friday, but the band notes there will only be 550 overnight passes available and limited day passes. So, act quickly or run the risk of missing out on something that possibly resembles the B-roll in this promo vid:

30 Seconds to Mars Is Starting a Summer Camp