Charles Grodin Calls Louis C.K. ‘the Single Most Talented Person That I’ve Ever Worked With’

Charles Grodin has been submitted as a guest comedy actor contender for this year’s Emmys for his role on Louie, so Deadline recently sat down with the actor for an interview about his career, why he took a break from acting in the ‘90s, and what he’s learned from working with Louis C.K. Here’s what he had to say when asked how C.K. got him to agree to play Dr. Bigelow:

I wasn’t familiar with him. He sent me this flattering letter with (script) pages and I appreciated that. I find him to be the single most talented person that I’ve ever worked with. He’s a wonderful director, writer, actor, and he knows all about lighting and cameras. He knows everything there is to know about shooting TV and movies. I worked enough to know when I’m in the room with someone where something special is happening.

Grodin goes on to point out how much C.K. cares about all aspects of the production: “I couldn’t get over him looking at the lenses and the lighting, in addition to writing, directing and acting,” he said. “I mean, that’s a lot. And he has no ego about it…I wouldn’t change one word of his scripts.” Read the rest over at Deadline.

Charles Grodin Calls Louis C.K. ‘the Single Most […]