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Is It Going to Be Seven Seasons and a Movie for Community?

Hey, human beings. Photo: Yahoo

Community has already had an improbable life, and even after last night’s series finale, it may live on some more. When Vulture inquired about a possible seventh season, a Yahoo spokesperson told us, “With the season six finale of Community airing today, we’re continually excited by how much fans are engaging with the series. Now that all episodes are available for binge viewing, stay tuned for how we keep Community delighting its fans.” Which is PR speak for: Maybe! We’re thinking about it! Don’t bother asking Dan Harmon if there’s going to be seven seasons and a movie or not, though. On Twitter he wrote, “The finale airs in a couple hours. I’m gonna delete my Twitter app and take a couple weeks off the internet and no interviews and I love you.” Go to bed, Dan, you might need to start dreaming up some parodies.

Is Community Getting a Seventh Season?