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Larry David and Jason Alexander Appeared on Fallon Together: Imagine Seinfeld With Two Georges

It’s actually surprising Seinfeld never had an episode in which Jerry finds a second George (played by Larry David, or Jason Alexander in a mustache), and the Georges first love each other but then quickly come to hate each other. Yes, this would not be unlike a cross between the episode in which Jerry dates a female version of himself (“The Invitations”) and the episode in which Elaine hangs out with Bizarro Jerry (“The Bizarro Jerry”), but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a very funny, very loud episode, titled “The Two Georges.” (Sample dialogue: “He is the other George, Jerry! He is. Not me!” “Is he?”) Case in point: Jimmy Fallon almost slips into his Seinfeld while the two Georges berate him for five minutes.

David & Alexander Appeared on Fallon Together