Listen to Diddy, Pharrell’s New Song ‘Finna Get Loose’

NBA All-Star Game 2015
Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

The end of June has been wild for Diddy: First, he got arrested for kettlebell stuff. Then, he reunited the Bad Boy family at the BET Awards — and fell down a trap door. And now he’s teamed up with Pharrell to remind everyone who he is, with “Finna Get Loose,” one big feeling you can feel with your ears. (Well, he is many things, but in this scenario: rapper.) The production on this track, courtesy of Pharrell, is undeniably fantastic. The lyrics are … well, a blend of bland and scary (there is a reference in here to Stephen King’s Cujo, whoa!). As a package deal, though, it seems to accomplish its goal — even if the person in the background is panting really hard and should probably receive medical attention instead of dancing. Anyway, as far as reminders go, it’s pretty fun. Diddy even goes a little bit Oprah at the end. What a guy.


Here’s Diddy, Pharrell’s New ‘Finna Get Loose’