Ed Sheeran, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Friend, Covers ‘Trap Queen’

The other day we told you that, in one of Ed Sheeran’s many attempts to one-up Taylor Swift’s world dominance, he dragged Jay Z and Beyoncé to a midtown bar and serenaded them. Will it work? Who knows, but Ed’s already on to his next scheme. Here he is covering Fetty Wap’s pretty undeniable Song of Summer hit “Trap Queen” with the Roots for Fallon. Guaranteed he has no idea what “let her hit the bando” means, but he sounds damn good singing it. Just like when the Fray covered Kanye’s “Heartless,” this is the rare occurrence when adding a white-boy filter to rap isn’t totally offensive. If he never does become a superstar in the States, he has a real career in hip-hop covers.

Ed Sheeran Covered ‘Trap Queen’ With the Roots