Eli Roth Might Be Directing a Massive Shark Movie Called Meg

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Eli Roth. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/2015 Getty Images

Eli Roth is in talks to direct a movie about a terrifying, bloodthirsty Megalodon, Variety reports. The script comes from Dean Georgaris, who adapted a tweaked version of Steve Alten’s Meg — a 1997 novel about a massive (think 70-feet-60,000-pounds massive) prehistoric shark that should be dead but isn’t. The flick will have the same adorable name and will follow two men who team up to Moby Dick the bratty behemoth, which will be busy throwing a tantrum on the coast of China. Up until this point, the movie’s been a development sleeper for nearly two decades, but Variety adds that a slew of producers are onboard. Hopefully now it has the financial and helming power to breach.

Eli Roth Might Direct a Massive Shark Movie