Ellie Goulding Gives a Totally Non–Taylor Swift Reason for Why She Deleted That Katy Perry Instagram Photo

Sure, Ellie. Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty

The other day, Ellie Goulding stirred up quite a bit of bad blood online when she deleted a photo of her and Lorde partying with Taylor Swift’s archenemy Katy Perry off her Instagram. Conspiracy theorists will tell you Swift threatened to kick Ellie out of her #squad if she didn’t immediately remove it. But according to Goulding, it wasn’t quite that dramatic of a story:

“Ohhh, I deleted that because I looked bad in it. And I think I was a bit drunk. And I thought it wasn’t a very good  example of myself. That’s so funny that um, that’s even a thing. No, I delete things all the time! … I’m great friends with Katy, I’m great friends with Taylor. That’s very silly … I zoomed in on my actual photo, and I was like, ‘no.’”

Crisis averted, it seems.

Goulding on Why She Deleted Katy Perry Instagram