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Forest Whitaker in Talks for Star Wars: Rogue One

Forest Whitaker. Photo: Mike Pont/Getty Images

Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to join the first of the Star Wars anthology films, Rogue One, Variety reports. The film, slated for December 16, 2016, shouldn’t be confused with Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. (Think of it like the “Razor” episode of Battlestar Galactica.) Whitaker would join Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, and Ben Mendelsohn on the film helmed by Gareth Edwards, who has said that the plot revolves around Jones as a rebel soldier trying to steal the plans to the Death Star. Logically, this would mean the one-off takes place somewhere between episodes III and IV in the Star Wars timeline. It’s not clear what Whitaker’s role would be or what his character would be named, but if you think about it, “Forest Whitaker” could work.

Forest Whitaker May Star in Star Wars: Rogue One