Fusion Is Teaming Up with UCB for New Digital Comedy Studio F-Comedy

Fusion wants to make some digital comedy with the help of YouTube, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and more through the launch of a new studio called F-Comedy. The network announced in a press release today that they’ve teamed up with multiple venues to launch F-Comedy, which will seek out both established and rising comedy stars for short-form content with the possibility of developing them into full series, talk shows, and more.

“One of the things that’s important to us is to identify young talent, formats and concepts that have the ability to build an audience and a community in the digital space before we place bigger bets,” Fusion chief digital officer Daniel Eilemberg told THR on the news. “Digital is a great place to do that because you can really test things and measure the reaction of people. It gives you the ability to create a lot more content.” As part of the deal, F-Comedy will have a production residency at YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, and F-Comedy content will debut via the official YouTube channel.

Fusion Is Teaming Up with UCB for New Digital Comedy […]