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A Guide to Who Went to Kanye’s Birthday Party

Ball is life. Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

On Monday, Kanye West turned 38. To celebrate, his wife, Kim Kardashian, upstaged anyone who’s ever thrown a surprise party by renting out the Staples Center (they tend to do these things a lot) for a reported $110,000, all so Kanye and his friends could put on their own version of the NBA’s All-Star Game. Sadly, North wasn’t invited. But the Kardashian clan, John Legend, a bunch of NBA players, Justin Bieber, and hoards more were. It was a who’s who of six degrees of Kimye. Here’s a breakdown of the people who got to ball with Kanye for his birthday. (If you can identify who we missed, let us know in the comments.)

Pictured above:
Kanye West
Kim Kardashian
Laker Girls, cheerleaders

Pictured above:
Justin Bieber (third row, sixth from left) — singer, Kendall Jenner’s friend
John Legend (first row, first from left) — singer, Kanye’s friend
Tyga (third row, second from right) — rapper, Kanye’s friend, reportedly Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend
Theophilus London (back row, seventh from left) — rapper, Kanye’s friend
Pusha T (first row, second from right) — rapper, Kanye’s friend and labelmate
A-Trak (second row on bottom, first from left) — DJ, Kanye’s friend
Virgil Abloh (last row, seventh from left) — designer, Kanye’s creative director
John Salley (first row, third from left) — former NBA player (reportedly announced the game)
Rich Wilkerson Jr. (last row, sixth from right) — Kanye and Kim’s pastor
Ray Romulus (third row, first from right) — producer, Kanye’s friend
Harley Pasternak (third row, fourth from left) — Kanye and Kim’s personal trainer
Anthony Schiller (last row, fifth from left) — venture capitalist, longtime friend of the Kardashians
Don “Don C” Crawley (last row, fifth from right) — Kanye’s manager
Ibn Jasper (third row, second from left) — Kanye’s longtime barber
Corey Gamble (third row, fifth from left) — Kris Jenner’s reported boyfriend
Jerry Lorenzo (first row, fourth from left) — designer, Kanye’s friend
Tracey Mills (top row, second from left) — designer, Kanye’s friend
Fonzworth Bentley (bottom row, fourth from right) — artist, Kanye’s friend
Tony Williams (first, second from left) — artists, Kanye’s cousin (reportedly sang the national anthem)

Tagged, but not visible in this photo:
Travi$ Scott — rapper/producer, Kanye’s friend and labelmate
Ricky Anderson — G.O.O.D. Music consultant, Kanye’s cousin
Elon Rutberg — DONDA creative, Kanye’s friend
James Harden — NBA player
Matt Barnes — NBA player
J. Sakiya Sandifer — author, Kanye’s friend

Pictured above:
88-Keys (bottom row, third from left) — producer, Kanye’s friend
Noah Goldstein (second row, far left) — sound engineer, Kanye’s friend
Arthur Kar (bottom row, second from left) — designer, Kanye’s friend
Justin R. Saunders (top row, fourth from left) — JJJJound founder, Kanye’s friend
Heron Preston (top row, first from right) — Been Trill co-founder, Kanye’s friend
Nathaniel Brown (top row, second from the right) — director, Kanye’s friend

Tagged, but not visible in this photo:
Chad Veach (top row) — pastor, Kimye’s friend

John Legend singing “Happy Birthday”:

Pictured above:
Dorell Wright (far left) — NBA player
John Wall (second from the left) — NBA player

Shaquille O’Neal’s video “rap” for Kanye:

Pictured above:
Malika Haqq (left) — actress, Khloe Kardashian’s best friend
Kylie Jenner

Pictured above:
Tracy Nguyen Romulus (left) — publicist, Ray Romulus’s wife
Kristen Noel Crawley (second from left) — jewelry designer, Don C’s wife
Khloe Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian


A Guide to Who Went to Kanye’s Birthday Party