Where We Left Our Main Characters on Hannibal, in GIFs

Hannibal - Season 3
Hannibal doesn’t take betrayal well. Photo: NBC

Spoilers ahead for the season-two finale of Hannibal.

Last May, the Hannibal season-two finale masterfully destroyed viewers — Vulture’s Matt Zoller Seitz called it “one of the greatest hours of TV it has ever been my pleasure, or horror, to sit through.” To recap: Will and Jack’s plan to trap Hannibal completely fell apart (partially because Hannibal smelled Freddie on Will, partially because the FBI issued a warrant for Will and Jack’s arrest). Will called Hannibal and told him, “They know.” Then the carnage began. 

Where did we leave our characters when we left them more than a year ago?

Jack was bleeding out after a fight with Hannibal, trying to call his wife to say good-bye but unable to speak. 

Alana was thrown from a window, desperately trying to survive while lying broken on the street — in the rain, no less. 

Will, after being stabbed by Hannibal and discovering Abigail was alive, was also bleeding out on the ground, while …

… trying to stop Abigail from bleeding profusely from her neck. 

Hannibal walked away unscathed …

… and got on a plane. If you come after a highly intelligent cannibal serial killer, you best not miss.

Hannibal returns tonight at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

A Hannibal Season Two Finale Refresher, in GIFs