How Much Did Batkid Truly Understand That Crazy Day in San Francisco?

The new documentary Batkid Begins (out in select cities June 26) tells the now-famous story of Miles Scott, a little boy who survived leukemia and was granted a Make-a-Wish scenario that the entire city of San Francisco got in on: the chance to dress up as his favorite superhero, Batman, for a daylong crime-fighting spectacular. More than 25,000 people turned out to cheer for Miles on that day in November of 2013, but did the 5-year-old Miles actually understand what was happening, and did he realize that he was the cause of this citywide commotion? In this exclusive clip, you’ll watch Miles on that big day as he struggles to process the fact that thousands of people are cheering and dancing for him; in the end, the movie suggests, these massive crowds were moved to take part in the Batkid experience not simply to heal a little boy forced to grow up too fast but to recapture a sense of innocence they’d lost within themselves, too.

How Much Did Batkid Understand That Crazy Day?