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Jason Statham Proves No One Ever Leaves the Fast and Furious Franchise

This series cannot have enough gruff bald men. Photo: Universal Pictures

The Fast and Furious franchise, like the mafia, is easy to get into but very hard to leave. Just ask Lucas Black, who was plucked from comfortable retirement in NCIS: New Orleans and made to reprise his Tokyo Drift character for a scene in Furious 7. Or Sung Kang, who appeared in three Furious movies after he was killed off in Drift. Now Jason Statham, who played baddie Deckard Shaw in 7, informs Access Hollywood that he, too, will return for the upcoming Furious 8. This might have been obvious after the film refused to kill him off, but still, it’s nice to have confirmation that the Furious franchise is our cinematic Olive Garden: When you’re here, you’re family.

Jason Statham Will Return for Furious 8