John Oliver Makes a Desperate Plea to FIFA’s Top Sponsors

Last June, John Oliver and Last Week Tonight dove deep into the dark and crooked underbelly of FIFA, and in light of last week’s raid and arrests of top FIFA officials in Switzerland, Oliver revisited the topic during last night’s episode. Oliver shares some of the many bribery-related gems in the 164-page FBI indictment of FIFA (including one ex-FIFA official’s Trump Tower apartment for his cats) then warns that if FIFA president Sepp Blatter isn’t fired after the investigation, the last hope to get rid of him are FIFA’s top sponsors like McDonald’s, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa, and Budweiser. For the love of uncorrupted football, Oliver’s even willing to eat McDonald’s, wear Adidas, and drink Bud Light Lime if it means they’ll pull their support and make Sepp Blatter go away.

John Oliver Makes a Desperate Plea to FIFA’s Top […]