game of thrones season 5

Join Vulture for a Game of Thrones Finale Live-Blog Sunday Night

Jesse David Fox (left), and Nate Jones (right). Photo: HBO

After nine episodes of greyscale, White Walkers, and overwhelming misery, Game of Thrones wraps up its fifth season Sunday night, and to celebrate the occasion, Vulture’s Jesse David Fox (who has not read the books, and has a lot of questions) and Nate Jones (who has read the books, and therefore knows everything there is to know about house sigils, nipples, and roasted capons) will be live-blogging the episode, right here on Vulture dot com. Join us at 9 p.m. EST! Sing it with us: Dun dun, dunna dun dun, dunna dun dun, dunna dun dun!

Join Vulture for a GOT Finale Live-Blog Sunday