Jon Stewart’s Final ‘Daily Show’ Episode Might Include a Bunch of His Conservative Enemies

Jon Stewart’s last episode as host of The Daily Show is Thursday, August 6th, and among the guests most likely to make an appearance are some of Stewart’s longtime conservative targets. Page Six reports that producers of The Daily Show have been reaching out to some of Stewart’s biggest objects of ridicule from the past 16+ years for a special pre-taped segment:

We hear that producers of “The Daily Show” have been reaching out to notables whom Stewart’s given grief over the past 17 years and asking them to take part in a segment that will be “their chance to turn the tables on him.” Stewart’s last show is Aug. 6. Guests who take part in the pretaped segment, set to run as part of Stewart’s final show, will be given the green light to “basically tell Jon to ‘f–k off,” a source said.

According to the report, Donald Trump is among those who have been invited to participate, and Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Jim Cramer, and Sarah Palin will most likely join as well.

Jon Stewart’s Final ‘Daily Show’ Episode Might Include […]