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Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose Finally Meet; Adjust Your Sexuality Spectrum Accordingly

Ruby Rose is most definitely the breakout star of this season of Orange Is the New Black (sorry, Mike Birbiglia — we love you, too), with her impish good looks and plethora of tattoos. With her flirty smirks and haircut, the Justin Bieber comparisons were natural, so much so that the show itself acknowledged it. Well, after some cheeky social-media behavior, the two finally met this weekend (probably at some hidden club where hot people go to be hot, pull off wearing hats indoors in the summer, and feel comfortable knowing they are surrounded by their own kind). You can see photos below of what it looked like. It’s like a sexy, sexy ad for your bicuriosity. 

So this happened.. @justinbieber haha my brother.

Posted by Ruby Rose on Saturday, June 20, 2015
Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose Finally Meet