Lana Del Rey Teases ‘Honeymoon’ Lyrics, Video on Instagram

Lana Del Rey. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2014 Getty Images

Lana Del Rey is prepping for the release of her next album, Honeymoon, like any savvy 21st-century musician should: by posting fun, cryptic teasers on social media. (She even made a separate Instagram account just for the album! Neat.) Earlier on Tuesday, Del Rey began her promotional run by posting the lyrics to the album’s titular song, as well as a clip from what is likely the same track’s music video. The album, which she has described as “noirish,” will have at least ten songs and is due out September.

Here’s the clip from the vid:

And here are the lyrics:

Very dreamy, very Lana. (Also, Lana wants you to know she’s going to be posting mainly from her Honeymoon Insta account for a bit, so keep eyes peeled over there for more treats and updates from the new album — especially for something like the classic surprise-and-release.)

Lana Del Rey Teases ‘Honeymoon’ on Instagram