‘Late Night’s Conner O’Malley Disguises Himself as an ‘Entourage’ Superfan in Queens

It’s a big week for Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley – first he was on the streets of Manhattan spreading the truth about Burger King, and for a new Late Night segment he went to a movie theater in Queens disguised as an Entourage superfan named Jeremy, who spends some time with his fellow Entourage fanbros then has an emotional crisis after other moviegoers recommend he check out Pitch Perfect 2, Aloha, and Woman in Gold: “Man, Woman in Gold really explores the themes of forgiveness and reparations and what those truly mean. Man, it just makes everything look so silly. It makes Entourage look like the silliest thing ever, and it’s the cornerstone of my life!”

‘Late Night’s Conner O’Malley Disguises Himself as an […]