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Lifetime Is Doing an Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Tell-All Movie

Beverly Hills, 90210
90210. Photo: FOX

Lifetime has green-lit an unauthorized 90210 tell-all film, The Hollywood Reporter writes. The movie will be in the same vein as the network’s 2014 Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and forthcoming Full House project. Jeff Roda (Love Liza) is writing for helmer Vanessa Parise (PopFan), and will pen a script that promises to reveal the stress behind the series’ up-and-down first four seasons, the reason it became a pop-culture powerhouse, and the drama that shook the show’s personnel. (Yep, get ready for some juice from the real Peach Pit, because nothing is sacred.) The news comes a few months before 90210’s 25th anniversary; the TV-movie’s air date has not been confirmed, though.

Lifetime Is Doing an Unauthorized 90210 Tell-All