New Show Will Bring Together Families of Serial Killers, Families of Victims

Just when you thought our culture was maxing out on gnarly true-crime programming, here comes LMN: The network announced today that it’s launching a new nonfiction series called Monster in My Family that will bring together family members of serial killers and family members of their victims. Melissa Moore, whose father Keith Hunter Jesperson is a convicted serial killer, will facilitate these gatherings. (Moore has written about her experiences online and in a 2008 memoir.) Each episode will give a thorough, intimate biography of a notorious serial killer — John Wayne Gacy, the D.C. sniper, Dale Hausner, Bobbie Joe Long, and Robert Lee Yates — and then, according to LMN’s announcement, “through the guidance and unique support of Melissa, the killer’s relatives will meet with families of the victims for the first time, in hopes of providing some kind of peace and closure.” Truly, who among us has not idly dreamed of the day that garish cable murder shows would be more emotional, more personal, more familial? Monster premieres July 1.

Victims, Families of Serial Killers Meet on TV