Longtime ‘Late Show’ Showrunner Barbara Gaines Looks Back on 35 Years of Working with Letterman

If you’re still dealing with sadness after David Letterman’s Late Show goodbye, longtime executive producer Barbara Gaines has a new piece out today called “Missing My Time With Dave; the End of Letterman’s Late Show” that’s a wonderful look back at her 35 years working with Letterman, from her humble beginnings as a pre-production receptionist on The David Letterman Show to taking on the daunting task of putting together the lengthy finale montage, which went through 21 versions before airing on television. Here’s an excerpt:

After 35 years working with the most devoted and hardworking staff and crew, I have learned one thing for sure: I’m not the craziest person in the room, but I’m definitely in the room. In 1980 when I was on the morning show, Dency Nelson (the cue card guy at the time before he became stage manager to the stars) once told me “Stop thinking the most interesting thing about you is what’s wrong with you.” So I grew to think the most interesting thing about me was working for Dave. And now that’s what’s wrong with me. I guess I have to start looking for another room.

Read the rest over at The Huffington Post.

Longtime ‘Late Show’ Showrunner Barbara Gaines Looks […]