Method Man Meets Breaking Bad’s Walter White, Jesse Pinkman in Album Teaser

To tout his new album, Method Man, a.k.a. Meth, made a Breaking Bad–inspired teaser to finally embrace his nickname. It’s an animated trailer that takes place in a trailer (RV, fine); it’s badass and kind of graphic, but mostly badass. If Meth were a character on Breaking Bad, the show would’ve been very, very short. His album, aptly named The Meth Lab, comes out August 21. In a brief interview with Nerdist, the rapper revealed that the record will serve as a platform for unknown Staten Island spitters and that it’s “real and low-key.” “Bottom line is there’s a lot more talent to be heard from Staten Island outside of Wu Tang artists, and these kids are dope,” he said. “I’m on every song, but I’m not exactly on any songs by myself, with the exception of one.” He also talked about his favorite Breaking Bad character and how Cheese from The Wire would whoop Jesse Pinkman’s ass, among other things. Enjoy the teaser, and then read the whole interview here.

Method Man Meets Breaking Bad in Album Teaser