Netflix Orders a Mitch Hurwitz-Produced Series Starring Maria Bamford

Rejoice, Maria Bamford fans, because she’s finally getting her very own comedy series. According to THR, Netflix has ordered 13 episodes a new comedy series starring Bamford and executive produced by Arrested Development’s Mitch Hurwitz called Lady Dynamite. The single-cam half-hour comedy was co-written by Hurwitz and South Park’s Pam Brady and is based on Bamford’s life, and the “occasionally surreal episodes … tell the story of a woman who loses – and then finds – her shit.” Here’s what Bamford told us about the project last year:

I read that you and Mitch Hurwitz were pitching a show to Netflix. Are there any updates on that you can share? I wish I knew more. Right now they’re negotiating, and I can tell you that my vision is that I would like to work with others on some sort of meaningful topic and do something that’s empowering or meaningful to other human beings, or to me, really — who cares about other human beings — and something that’s hilariously fun and funny and in town. That would be really neat. I don’t know in what way that will happen, but whether or not this deal goes through, it seems like it is happening more where I’m working in town, and that’s really exciting. What would your dream fantasy TV show look like? My friend Melinda Hill and I did this show called The Program, and we only did two episodes but we’d like to actually try to give another shot at that. My dream would be to star on a show where everybody is who they are in real life in terms of Louie or something like that where there’s no big makeup or costuming — just to have, at least to me, more realistic depictions of people. I love the idea — which is not far off, this is all autobiographical — but the American idea, or I guess Western idea of success of what we should be doing and then what’s actually happening. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but just something more realistic. I’d also love to talk about things like finances in the show and have stuff like “Oh yeah, let’s go do that!” “I can’t, I only have 35 bucks until Friday.” There’s just not a lot of mention of reality like that on TV. I like specifics. I think that’s my favorite thing about standup when somebody says a specific reference that you just know is true because it’s too specific. My friend Jackie [Kashian] has a sexual healing bit about how she’d been through a traumatizing event on the bus as a kid — part of the joke was she had been sexually assaulted because she had spent a lot of time on the bus — and so she and her husband do a live action role-play so that she kind of takes back the power from that, and they’re both nude and sitting on chairs in their kitchen… [laughs] …and it’s like oh God, that’s so specific and so hilarious, you know?

Netflix Orders a Mitch Hurwitz-Produced Series […]